Monitor and manage your entire production process with one digital platform

Connect your machines and create new business opportunities while offering a better, more targeted customer service.

Plan and optimise based on real-time data

Export Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) reports for decision-making

Visualise data for production, maintenance and management

Monitor and manage the entire production process 

(Remote) monitoring, fault-finding and automated notification of staff

Check the status quo 24/7 from any device with internet access

Maintain and monitor entire machine parks

Integrated maintenance calendar and library for machine manuals

Pinpoint faults across the entire machine park

Explore the features of SweetConnect for you and your staff

In good company

Join specialists from across the industry work together to develop the next industry standard. Scientists, Industry Associations, Engineers, Machine Builders, Confectionery Producers and many others are contributing. Everyone is welcome, and we are constantly looking to expand our network!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SweetConnect support my machines?

SweetConnect integrates seamlessly with any equipment of any manufacturer or brand and into any existing workflow. 

Is SweetConnect available yet?

SweetConnect is currently being rolled out to machine manufacturers and confectionery producers that have joined our initiative.

Can existing SaaS solutions be connected?

We develop using industry standards with an open API. However, due to the variety of software available, compatibility needs to be assessed case by case.

How can I get involved in the initiative?

Get in touch to find out more about the SweetConnect initiative or schedule a callback or appointment.

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