The first digital confectionery production hub

SweetConnect is the first digital platform specifically developed for the efficient and profitable production of confectionery. 

SweetConnect digitalises your entire workflow and gives you the tools to make your production process more efficient, predictable and profitable

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The digital platform that plugs right into your business

SweetConnect was created to simplify, streamline and optimise the production of confectionary across the entire workflow, from management to maintenance.

Revolutionise your production of confectionary

Whether your company engineers machines or produces confectionary – integrate SweetConnect and benefit greatly from the digitalisation of your workflow

Integrate SweetConnect to gain valuable insights on the performance of your equipment, increase the quality of your service, and generate new business opportunities.

Digitalise your workflow and uncover untapped potentials. Enable staff to increase performance, lower costs, ensure consistent quality and reduce unplanned downtimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SweetConnect support my machines?

SweetConnect integrates seamlessly with any equipment of any manufacturer or brand and into any existing workflow. 

Is SweetConnect available yet?

SweetConnect is currently being rolled out to machine manufacturers and confectionery producers that have joined our initiative.

Can existing SaaS solutions be connected?

We develop using industry standards with an open API. However, due to the variety of software available, compatibility needs to be assessed case by case.

How can I get involved in the initiative?

Get in touch to find out more about the SweetConnect initiative or schedule a callback or appointment.

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